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From kitchen to a creative world

Washing hands, drinking water from the glass, cutting and peeling vegetables for preparing dishes.


Children admire their parents preparing dishes in the kitchen.

Haven't you had such an experience that children come into the kitchen asking  "Can I help you? I want to cut it! "

As a parent, I am happy to let them do, but at the same time I get worried that they might get hurt or make a wet mess.

For children, the accumulation of happy experiences such as "I want to do it! I was able to do it!"

will foster their curiosity and confidence.

inspire kitchen

For little chefs, for mums and dads to discover new experiences through raising children.

Our products are not only designed to fit children but also to fit your taste, style or specific requests. 

I trust that we can find the right tool and the right way for any ages to let them try new things.


Water enabled kitchen

A real kitchen with the right size for children

  Thanks to the water dispenser and drainer system, this kitchen can expand children's wishes and enables them to do by themselves.

  Our Inspire Kitchen is designed to be used for a long time as it can just become a working space as children grow.


Independent work space

Own Space.

Stimulating the mind: inspire kitchen.

Children like to copy parents!  Happy to ask children to help, but kitchen space is limited sometimes and can be dangerous. Our Inspire Kitchen can be in a dinning room or where we can watch children from our own workplace.

We wish many children a healthy growing, enjoying and making others happy when helping. All by entertaining manual skills.

Easy to use! with a beautiful design


Handles and hinges

Our basic pla cabinet uses stainless handles (bars) that are easy to grip for children and also for hanging hooks and towels as you wish. Stainless handles are easy to clean and hygienic. Hinges are also stainless and the sliding system can easily be removed when needed. You can send these parts to our Atelier for repairing if needed.

Additional legs as children grow

As children grow, we can adjust the height of the Kitchen by replacing legs. (※ sold separately)


Stainless legs has two levels: +5 cm / + 10 cm

For installation, just put them on like socks!


Stainless worktop

For our customers, we also propose the stainless worktop that is easy to clean, of good appearance and more real. By all means for children who love to imitate adults! The worktop corners have a round finish for safety.


Watering and drainage

We propose the water dispenser (※ sold separately) that is the same volume as the waste water container installed under the sink. You can reuse the wastewater under the sink for watering your plants or cleaning, which gives children opportunities to recycle a precious resource.  This sink has a drain stopper to keep water running while using it. ※ This sink does not contained an overflow hole.


Contact us

We would love to hear from you! Please use this form for any questions.

Sharing any ideas to personalise your Inspire Kitchen, you are welcome to send us your images and photos or sketches for details.

We look forward to your questions.


We may ask about your kitchen size, design changes, favorite colours, etcfor our propositon. Please let us know if you have any images you can share, such as simple sketches and photos.


It is a small step toward kitchen childcare, which is beyond the playhouse.

The transmission is complete.

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