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Spirit of Work in Daily Life

It is a good feeling when we achieve something without other's help even we are allowed to make mistakes.


Washing hands and preparing own snacks.

Pouring water in a glass for drinking.

Watering plants and flowers.

Cutting and peeling vegetables, washing tools before putting in the drawer.

Wiping the wet area with a cloth.

 Washing the cloth, wringing out the cloth, drying the cloth and holding & putting in the drawer.


Our inspire kitchen is designed for a long time as it can transfer into a working space as children grow.


How do you feel if a  4 years old can cut fruits with a knife?

You may think:

"Isn't it too early to use the knife?" or "Grown-ups should do it for children"

Our children have spent their early childhood in France.

(my son aged 4 and my daughter aged 2 at that time).

The nursery they went had an environment where children worked according to each child's stage and capacity. One of the methods was to develop manual skills in daily life.

One day, my son told me happily that he could cut a pear with a real knife at the nursery. I was wondering how he could cut the pear with a real knife in one hand and turning it with the other hand? The fact was the cutting method he had learnt was quite different from I had imagined.

1. Cut the pear into two.

2. Put the half pear flat end facing down and then shave the skin off.

That's all!  This method has totally opened my eyes. There is no wrong method!



Kiyo SANADA  / Design Office

Furniture designer, Interior Decorator

I fell under the charm of Interior design at the age of 15. 
After studying, I have worked for an imports' company
(mainly European furniture and items) for 12 years.

After getting married and moving into Kamakura city in Japan,
I have worked for a company making pine furniture and selling U.K. brand kitchens for 5 years. This is where I got attracted to the the fun of planning kitchens.

We moved in France for two years thanks to my husband's overseas posting. This provided opportunities to see actual European Interior trends and witnessed raising children in a French school.
 I wanted to bring those practical skills back in our life in Japan.
As I researched kitchen furniture for children in Japan I realised that kitchen education is not known here yet.

I also felt "children will not stay small forever so now is the time to start!". I therefore have created the company proposing
a kitchen of the right size for children, "Work in Daily Life".

We select natural materials, non mass-produced products,
as less plastic as possible. We are partnering with an experienced furniture upholsterer.
Our concept is to produce the furniture that will not become bad waste in the future.

To make the furniture last for a long time, our Inspire Kitchen is designed to adjust to various heights, to coordinate easily with other interior items or to become a storage furniture
as children grow. 
The worktop is changeable.

Our inspire kitchen is made by the furniture upholsterer
and the steel-process specialist in Japan


Our Cabinet

Furniture / woodwork

Furniture upholsterer specialised with pinewood, oakwood, walnut wood, etc.

Our artisans listen very carefully to my requests in details. They enjoy manual works including renovating their atelier and their home.


Stainless steel production

Hardware processing / steel

Our stainless products are manufactured by the steel process specialist who performs precision processing to millimeters and commas or less. Even though there are various processing methods for stainless steel products, they have a high level of polishing technology.

Our Inspire Kitchen worktop has a hairline finish stainless steel that makes surface smooth, and vibration finish stainless steel for less noticeable of scratches or marks.

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