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This is a starter kit that includes kitchen tools for a sustainable lifestyle.


Eco-wrap, which is made by impregnating cotton cloth with plant-derived jojoba oil without using beeswax, can be used repeatedly.


The loofah sponge can be used for washing dishes, for cleaning vegetables and baths, as the fibers get entangled with dirt.



・ Vegan Eco Wrap S size is perfect for half size of carrots and peppers.


・ Vegan Eco Wrap M size is perfect for half size of onions and apples.


・The loofah sponge has an oval shape that is easy to grip, and a string is attached so that it can be easily dried and hung.

Starter Kit / Vegan Eco Wrap S, M + Loofah Sponge

Sales Tax Included
  • 【Loofah sponge】

    materials: 100% plant-derived


    (Please not as it is plant based, the size may vary slightly and will vary with water absorption)


    【Vegan eco wrap】

    S: 19x19cm

    M: 24x24cm

    materials: 100% cotton fabric, plant base wax, wood resin,

    Jojoba oil

  • ・The loofah sponge will be delivered in a dry state.

    ・If you wash your body and it irritates your skin, discontinue use immediately.

    ・Please store in a place that is easy to dry after use.



    -Vegan Eco Wrap is a set of S and M sizes with the same pattern.


    ・Plant resin will melt under high heat, only use the ecowrap once the container or food has cooled down.

    ・Do not place in the microwave, oven, dish washer or fridge.

    ・Do not use on animal products such as fish and meat.

    ・Plant resin might stick onto the container, in that case, rinse it off with warm water and a sponge.

    Please understand that each wrap being completely hand crafted, there may be some variations in colour or shape.

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