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Now our website is available in English and French.

Welcome to our website!

Our website is available in English and French finally. I'm sure some of you may find it easier to read in English or French, I am also learning throughout reading my writings in different languages.

No doubt all information were in French at the nursery when we lived in France.

I used the translation application but it was not perfect so I checked with parents who spoke English. I appreciated a lot when the information was both in French and English.

Through my experiences in France, I felt it is not kind enough having only Japanese site even our online shopping is not available in overseas. ( Only in Japan)

I would like to welcome everyone to our website who lives in Japan.

Instead of refusing children's requests, I try to let children do until being satisfied as much as possible.

I would like to develop playhouse experiences to real life. I hope that those who are interested in, please feel closer my philosophy " Work in Daily Life!"

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