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Independent work space.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Own Space.

Stimulating the mind: inspire kitchen.

Children like to copy parents!

Happy to ask children to help, but kitchen space is limited sometimes and can be dangerous. Our Inspire Kitchen can be in a dinning room or where we can watch children from our own workplace.

Concentrating on works is very stimulating. They are very valuable moments for both children and adults.

We wish many children a healthy growing, enjoying and making others happy when helping. All by entertaining manual skills.

When children start to take an interest in the kitchen, they are happy but sometimes parents will confused. finally time is come ... I have to tell kids about practical skills. or still early?

Easy tools for children (manual stimulation),

Learning workflow (brain stimulation),

Learning the origins of plants and vegetables (understanding nature),

Using water carefully (preserving the environment),

all thanks to our inspire kitchen.

It's a good idea to tell the name of the vegetables first, or cut them in half and observe what's inside. If you have a safe child-sized tool, start raising your child in the kitchen. Even so, if the child is in a bad mood or you don't have time, it's a good idea to waiting next chance.

Being use own hand.

Being able to concentrate carefully.

To know the joy of being useful to someone.

We hope that by repeating such experiences, they will grow up gracefully.

At Work in Daily Life, we design furniture that can be used for a long time. This inspire kitchen, which is not only just play toy. Please feel free to inquire about the layout of the children's room, as well as the study desk, bookshelf, and dining table.

inspire kitchen

designed by Kiyo SANADA

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