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Reserve your trial kitchen plan here

For families who are looking for a tip on how to teach kitchen's works for their children.

What about making the time while staying home to and feel the joy of doing manual works?

This rental plans contains a simple cooking online lesson. Also we can provide you some children size utensils by to your request. This enables you to use our inspire kitchen from moment of arrives.


Rental period

3 days /7 days

( shipping and return dates included )

Please choose the dates and put the date(s) into "message ".please refer to calendar page to find availabilities.

from "calendar page"

Our trial plans (3 or 7days) contain free online cooking lesson (2h) during your trial period.



3days / ¥3,300 

7days / ¥5,500 

( tax included ) 

・Furniture compensation

・Round trip delivery fees are not included


3days trial plan in Tokyo

-Rental plan fee ¥3,300

-Delivery fees ¥4,500 x 2 (round trip)

TOTAL: ¥12,300( tax inc) 

※Please note that shipping fee may fluctuate according to shipping company.

Rental contents

・inspire kitchen 2 doors
・1  Water dispenser
・1  5 L tank
・1  Wave cutter
・1  Cutting board (oak tree)
・1  Hourglass
・1  Loofah sponge
・1  Set of strainer with handles (S/M)


※We may ask you which utensils you already have in your home for your children to customise your rental plan before lesson.



We organise our cooking lesson according to children's ages and their interest.

(case 1)

3yrs, first time to cook

Preparing salad with cutting cucumbers and carrots for example.

 (case 2)

7yrs, already experienced

Preparing an original jam without preservative and moderate sugar.

※We can arrange a Zoom online meeting with you before the lesson.




 4才& 2才




The oak cutting board

give away!

This original oak cutting board is specifically designed for our inspire kitchen sink.

Easy to handle thanks to a hole to grab, round shape,  and self-standing.

・Only the person who ordered after trying our inspire kitchen.​

・​You can also purchase it from our online.

Gift for you

Reservation calendar

 Please fill in the necessary information such as your name and address.

​ Please check the calendar and enter the desired date in the remarks column.

    Reservation is possible

-------- Please contact us

(Blank) Cannot make a reservation



Questions about trial plans,

​ Please feel free to contact us for any other inquiries.

Cancellation policy

If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please contact us at least 2 days before your time.
Please note that cancellations without your notifications are non-refundable.

​Contact address

mail: from-kitchen(※)

* Please replace the (※) part with the @ mark.

Mon-Fri 10:00~16:00

(Sat.Sun Holidays closed)

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