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It was very impressive to see my daughter filled with satisfaction when she was cutting and then mutttering "I did it"

I realised through this trial plan that children need more force even it is an simple work for adults. This trial plan discovered uncovered me a shiny moment for me.

My daughter continued talking about the carrots she prepared, the salad she prepared even after returning the inspire kitchen.

Having the inspire kitchen in our home allowed me to image visualize the visiblethe suitable position from the kitchen and our action moves in the room.

3 days trial kitchen plan

N. Family    2yrs girl, 4yrs boy

First, we explain the system of this kitchen.

Where the water goes after sink? The sound of water flowing, observing the tank, everything is new to them.

Use water

She tried to use the water from the dispenser for several times and then carefully observe the water flowing and the sound.

"Next is my turn!" We keep water in the sink while washing vegetables.

"One, two three!"

"One, two three!" They learn how to count while they replace tomatoes into the bowl.

Showing examples

Their mom shows the example slowly so children can observe easily with concentration.

Controling water level

Now she knows how to control the lever of the dispenser to wash salad. Then she cuts leaves into small pieces.

More fine work

He is now willing to do more fine work. Cutting carrots smaller by controlling his force

Well done!

Finishing together as whole family! Parents were just present to support and most of work was done by children.

wiping floor

Magic! She even enjoys wiping floor with the mop adjusted to her size.

Adjustable height

Our inspire kitchen height is adjustable as they grow. He shows us by standing aside the size of the cabinet.

"Which colour do you like mom?"

"I like this one!" "Which colour do you like mom?"

Environment & Human Friendly Paint

Environment & Human Friendly Paint by Fallow&Ball co. Water proof paint that has various colours, hard to choose...


Our children help us cooking already in our daily life. It was new to us that children were autonomy autonomous to prepare and put the items back in the inspire kitchen cabinet.

The good point of this kitchen is that is an independent space for children.

There are things I don't want children to touch in my own adult kitchen,,,,.

My daughter (5yrs) is still pround of this the workshop we participated in. The workshop was to make a banana jam and pinepainapple jam.

These experiences that children have done themselves even they are small, these experiences will stay in their memories which astonished me.

Jam making workshop participant family

A. Family    3yrs girl, 7yrs girl, 9yrs boy

First step of cutting

First step of cutting with a wave cutter The wave cutter is safe for a 3 yrs girl to cut bananas.

How to cut a pinapple

How do we cut a pineapple? Older son has cut in two for his young sisters.

Finding a right position

Thinking of the easiest position to cut with the knife. She did not need strong force to cut when the best cutting position was found.

Type of Jams

I can decide either chunky jum or puree jum depending on how I cut the fruits...

Addicted to crush pineapples and kiwis.

Addicted to crush pineapples and kiwis. He chose a puree jam so just keeps crushing fruits now.

Sweet scent from the saucepan.

Sweet scent from the saucepan. 3 minutes with low heat. While waiting, he could wash and clean the cutting board.

More important than cleaning

Rather than cleaning, it was more important for her to check the Sandglass.

I would like to teach her how to use the fire.

I would like to teach her how to use the fire. My daughter is into the fire, curious about changing colours of fire, the fire touching the saucepan.

Tasting time.

Tasting time! With pause, it is obliged to check the taste!

Moderate stickiness

Moderate stickiness now. Mission complete with final tasting but....

It was not the taste she expected..

It was not the taste she expected.. She did not like the sweet apple jam...

Adjusting moment.

Adjusting moment. The advantage of homemade jam is we can adjust the sweetness, quantities of fruits, texture of fruits according to our tastes.


Covid-19 has changed our daily life, children and mother are having more difficulties to spending more time at home within limited activities.

Thanks to this workshop, this could make children smiling and having fun that I was looking for our children to be happy.


Our workshop was with online lesson to make jams. Mrs SANADA who organised this workshop, she cares of process as much as results that I could feel it from distance lesson.

My 12 yrs daughter can adapt with real size kitchen so she could may challenge higher levels of cooking.

I am astonished to see my second daughter who is between bigger and smaller sister in our family, today she was the most positive participant among 3.

Jam making workshop participant family

K. Family   5yrs girl, 7yrs girl, 12yrs girl

Prepared kitchen cabinets according to their needs.

Prepared kitchen cabinets according to their needs. 3 sisters different age ranges, different forces of manual works. Let's start now!

Online cooking lesson

In this workshop, cooking lesson was an online lesson which we could feel children's serious appearance.

cat's paw

Small knife for small hands. It is very important to have a right size of knife in order to control force.

Type of jam

She mashed fruits until becoming very liquid.

Adjusting time

Tasting time after 3 minutes, adjusting sweetness with a stick sugar.

Original jam

Frozen fruits are easy to crush as fiber cells are already broken. She prepared a jam with lots of berries. She mashed fruits until becoming very liquid.

other jams

Sisters help each other.

Until she is  satisfied

Crushed berries became like a sauce, lots of concentration when putting into the jar.

Happy moment

My jam goes very well with delicious bread! Good satisfaction with warm bread and positive tiredness from making own jam.

Use the waiting time effectively.

Able to clean utensils while cooking.

Homemade jam is so good.

Unexpectancy not so much left to bring back to home

​You did all !

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