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Passion for making product.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The lamp always within eyesight. It is a special lamp for me.

During our expatriation in France, we knew almost the returning time, going back to work in Japan was in my mind all the time

Although, we did not know where we would find a place to live in Japan, I knew what I wanted to do and my goal for the future.

Every day during our expatriation in France I was thinking how too achieve my goal, how I can live my future.

I was asking myself so vaguely that I felt like I couldn't figure out the direction in a fog. I couldn't see the next step, but the nose that sniffs out is clear.

Then the Covid 19 has come into our daily life just after returning to Japan. It was dramatic transferring many interior events into online events. I could feel the organizers' spirit that they aim to succeed all events within limitations. I could feel projects should bring the success without doubts.

Don't stop making things!

Accelerate your business online!

I felt that kind of spirit. Above all, for me who can't go to the site, I found this lamp thanks to the online holding.

Then I choose while I was in the foggy mind, this lamp gave me all answers: The product in which we feel the material, the product that will not change beauty, the product that made by hand.

I look at this lamp when I am lost or I am depressed: the product holds with the craftsman, the seller, and the consumer who therefore share in the daily life.

I respect each products and the relations with people, I hope to hold this kind of business. We choose the products handmade like #veganecowrap as well as children size kitchen. I care of producing less waste and the awareness of choosing the fair products, as we are in the too much items in our life.

inspire kitchen

designed by Kiyo SANADA

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