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The real practices of daily life.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The markets were real practices of daily life when we lived in France.

To get what we actually wanted required a good amount of effort to communicate with shop owners at the markets.

Despite my poor French, my heart warmed when I could buy things I wanted, and I also got painful and sadness when I could not make myself understood by shopkeepers. And also felt warm again when I received a produce as a gift, with an extra-smile and a wink.

These feelings are similar to children when they wish to do real experiences (like grown up).Starting from zero but progressively adapting to French daily life.

Success coming but with pathetic moments, chagrin & upsets when it does not go well.

So I want to support to think together with children when they are in the moment of failure.

Children will lose their confidence when they tell a failed result if being nagged by parents..... No more challenging mum!

Rather than nagging children for the result, I should find alternative vocabulary, cheer up for next time, or use simple words.

Trying process is a motivation in itself, I guess.

Our life in France was very cultivating, those were deep learning days, my French level was same as our children so I could share many feeling with them.

To support children's curiosities, I try to find right tools and ways according to their ages.

I arrange the daily environment for repetitive routines for children. I support the daily fife with the "inspire kitchen".

inspire kitchen

designed by Kiyo SANADA

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