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inspire kitchen can use water anywhere.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Water is discharged from the water dispenser, so no waterworks are required. Therefore, you can freely choose the place to setting it anywhere.

By actually adding a water supply / drainage function instead of a toy, the range of things that children can do will be expanded in the same way as the real kitchen used by adults.

What children can do by themselves = What they can do if they have an inspire kitchen.

The mechanism is very simple.

It's about using "real" tools that are the right size for your child.

1、Washing hands

If the height of the sink is of the right size for children, they do not need a support to wash their hands.

It makes both children and parents happy if children can wash their hands without complication before eating. Or this could lead children to prepare their own snacks by themselves.

Washing hands will bring a good routine of hygiene, I noticed that wiping hands is not always easy for children, I try to show them with patience.

2、Pouring water in a glass

Being independent from adults for simple tasks such as pouring water into a glass to drink will give children a confidence.

The water dispenser has a limited capacity so children need to think of how much water they can use.

Please prepare non-plastic glasses for children with a right size if possible.

Children will learn how to use it with care (as it is breakable).

The weigth of the glass cup helps children to adjust force finely.

We can explain about how to take care of glasses without breaking. Even if incident happens, this will lead children how to control the force next time.

3、Wipe wet place

Once children can notice a wet place and wipe it with a cloth by themselves, they will also notice and clean the table when dripping rice or water while eating.

How to finish using the Inspire Kitchen:

Wipe the wet place with a cloth → wash the cloth → wring out the cloth → dry the cloth → hold it and put it in the drawer.

Although adults tend to clean the Inspire Kitchen, we leave these tasks for children to make them learn the workflow.

We repeat these tasks with children until they understand the cycle of tasks, then they will be able to do it one day without support. It is an interesting moment for us.

4、Cutting and peeling vegetables

Once children can wash small potatoes, strawberries, mini tomatoes: let's try to cut them.

No need to use a real knife from the beginning, children can use a butter knife, a boiled egg slicer or a wave cutter.

Those are easy to use and to get used to it.

inspire kitchen is made by a furniture craftsman. So It can be used not only for early childhood toys but also for a long time.

I hope this inspire kitchen will be loved over time...As like an antique furniture for over 100 years!

inspire kitchen

designed by Kiyo SANADA

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