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The design thinking....What's it?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

We took a design lesson at Tsutaya book store in Shonan T-site.

The topic was to make a sign panel as a tool that can solve the problems in daily life.

The lesson began with the teacher's presentation and through design thoughts procedures.

Who is this sign panel for?

How can we become happy with this?

What kind of information we need to be happy?

We have created panels by checking each procedures to share the awareness.

My son's panel: the panel which leads him to put a alarm clock to wake up in the morning when he is difficult to wake up. The sense of drawing quickly when he has an idea, I even got a good feeling next to him.

My panel: (one of the things that I have to repeat many time). The panel which leads children to put their clothes in the washing basket. I put this panel near the bathroom sink where they wash their hands when they come home. I look forward to next Monday to see how it goes!!

ーーーーーーーーーーーーーThe design thinking

Setting up the purpose and doing a presentation about the concept leads us to share ideas and looking at ideas from third party was really interesting.

There are variety of lessons at Shonan T-site, we booked a lesson for space, rocket, robot, and drones. You can participate as well as children under 8 year-old need a companion to participate, hence you can also enjoy the lesson.

Please check Tsutaya official homepage for more information.

I recommend to book now to spend an enjoyable summer with your children.


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