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Knowing how to finish the work.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Using a wave cutter, 2 yrs child can also cut vegitables or fruits easily and safely. These waves make the veggies and fruits nice presentation on the plate. Just cut and ready to eat beautiful salad!

When he finishes, he can remove the water dispenser and make more space on the worktop. Of course, he could wash this chopping board by himself.

Thanks to the water dispenser, this kitchen can expand children's wishes and do by themselves. As we can imagine, children like to play with water and leaving us the joyfull task of cleaning together after splashing.

It is also a good moment to talk about water once children start to play with it

( it is time to move onto bath time now!)

Children also like to wipe wet floors. If we can find a mop with the right size for them, they can wipe wet floors together with a grown up.

Our kitchen allows you to adjust water levels, so every child will find their own kitchen styles.

First kitchen experience for L, he seems very satisfied, with a big smile on his face!

The salad was very delicious!

Thank you little chef/L!

inspire kitchen

designed by Kiyo SANADA

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