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About inspire kitchen /without doors

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

One of the characteristics of young children is their difficulty to realise that the "something" still exists when this "something" is out of their sight.

This door-less design cabinet helps young children to find things, and put them back in the same position. Also it helps to check the water level in the waste container and to put in/ to take out the waste container easily.

Your children will let you know it's time to remove the tank by noticing the line on the tank and will tell you" Water comes up to the line now! We need to recycle it!"

inspire kitchen is a design that allows an easy rearrangement of the room, as the stainless steel worktop board, sink and hose can easily be removed at once.

After removal, you may choose the worktop board of the material of your choice and use the cabinet yet again as a new storage unit. The space under the sink also comes with dowel screw holes for setting shelves .

When it isn’t needed anymore, the steady and durable structure of the build means this piece can be passed-on endlessly to other people who value good quality furniture. We want to build long-lasting and sustainable furniture. We design furniture in which memories can be carved in forever.

inspire kitchen

designed by Kiyo SANADA

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