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”Natural ” from young age.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Shopping bags are charged now in Japan. Most people go shopping with their eco bags. It is a fun to choose from different types, with fashionable patterns or convenient sizes.

Some of you may have started to think of using less plastic items as possible in daily life. One of the precious kitchen items was Japanese cling foil for me while staying in France. Japanese cling foil was easier to cut & wrap and good thickness! I even reused them by washing.

French cling foils are very thick but the package's cutter is not solid enough to cut it. It was a source of stress... Both foils are disposable unfortunately...

Eventually, I discovered an item that relived my stress but is still hygienic.

I tested and used it for 6 months: it could be alternative for me without hassle.

Now I am convinced.

It is called Vegan eco wrap made from 100 % cotton mixed with Candelilla wax (flexibility), Jojoba oil (antibacterial) and Pine resin (sticky). It's even better than bee wax. Following Vegan's notion, this ecowrap will not destroy bee's nest.

As a globally endangered species, the number of bees in the world is drastically declining every year. Bees are essential to the production of vegetable, fruit, and many plants. The desire to take action for their preservation has been growing.

Items we have been using since our young age become dear to us, I hope one day that all re-usable items such as shopping bags, eco wraps, or compost will be naturally part of our daily life.

Now you can purchase "Vegan eco wraps" from our online shop!

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