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The one week trial kitchen plan contains the inspire kitchen, online cooking lesson and children size utensils.


Online cooking lesson is designed according to you and your children's demands including to pinch, to tear into or to mix using utensils.


【For those who purchased the kitchen after rental】

We offer you a Cutting an oak wood board!


※We will ask you which utensils you already have in your home for your children to customise your rental plan before shipping.


※We can arrange a Zoom online meeting with you before the online cooking lesson.


※We will send you a Zoom URL to your registered e-mail address( Meeting with Skype, Messenger are also possible)


※The kitchen cabinet will be delivered in a special packaging, please keep it when you return your trial kitchen. (Please use the returning slip which you will find in the box)

※This kitchen is delivered as a parcel (Yamato Bin) by KURONEKO YAMATO to your door.


※Please contact us before payment if you need the service of opening the box and instalation, that can be arranged.【Yamato Home Convenience Service for Household goods called Raku Raku Kazai bin】



1 week trial kitchen Plan

Sales Tax Included
  • ・inspire kitchen 2 doors

    (Clear oil finish)

    ・1 Water dispenser

    ・1 5 L tank

    ・1 Wave cutter

    ・1 Cutting board(oak tree)

    ・1 Hourglass

    ・1 Loofah sponge

    ・ 1 Set of strainer with handles (S/M)

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